A Campaign Is Only As Good As Its Results,
And Every Data Point Matters.

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That's why the ARSENL Analytics team handles the behind-the-platform wiring to connect your ad to user clicks, conversions, comments, and more. After handing the website keys over to our experts, the team ensures connectivity from the backend of your website to each platform. Whether Facebook, Google, Stackadapt, or others, your website will be set up for the remainder of its life for full transparency into the data that counts.

Digital Performance Dashboards

Every platform, every metric, seen. By configuring real-time data dashboards, our specialists unlock access into how your campaign is running, website performance and insights. ARSENL dashboard capabilities span Tableau, Google Data Studio, to TapClicks and Microsoft Bl. Flowered with data pulled in from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and so on, we customize each chart, graph and visualization by platform specific attribution models to tell your business' latest holistic story and identify opportunities for improvement.

For one national recognized brand, we configured a live dashboard that pulls in campaign performance data from various ad platforms and data sources. The dashboard displays KPIs throughout the full marketing funnel. From impressions, clicks and click-through rates to appointments booked, website purchases and last-click conversions, our dashboard can show the user's journey from start to end. From the CFO to Communications, departments company- wide can tap into the foundation of their business: data.

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