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Typical Web Solutions Didn't Fit

Sometimes, the hardest part of a digital marketing project is honing in on the true objective.

ARSENL has had a long association with Thompson Resorts in Grand Cayman. We’ve marketed their flagship resort property for several years and most recently helped push a Cayman post-COVID reopening through the creation and promotion of

In 2019, the company asked us to create a new brand and ecommerce site that would help:

  • Improve the experience of post-arrival resort and condo guests seeking curated tour excursions
  • Serve as a vehicle for attracting new potential guests to Thompson properties and the company’s real estate brokerage arm
  • Promote businesses on the West End of Grand Cayman - sometimes left off itineraries focused on the ever-popular Georgetown.

We Made Our Own

In our review of competitive offerings, we found that tourism sites typically follow a pattern:

  • The country’s tourism office publishes a destination site which does everything except offer online bookings
  • Private tour operators offer their own tours and excursions and some enable online booking
  • Private tour operators offer their own tours and excursions and some enable online booking

None of those seemed like good models for our objectives.

So we made our own. A combination destination marketing site and tour marketplace for the Cayman Islands. On Cayman Visitor, users can learn everything they need to know about visiting the Caymans, from how to get there, what to bring, where to stay, and especially what to do.

To execute it, we selected a name, designed a logo, created branding and brand guidelines, built a website, added tour booking functionality, and gathered tour listings. The result is a comprehensive, SEO-driven site, ready for the post-COVID upswing.

Take a look. Book a tour. Stay at Wyndham Cayman! You. Are. Welcome.

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"In March, I called Carl on a Saturday and told him that we needed a website up for a new brand in ten days. They delivered and we won a multi million dollar grocery contract because of it. They are our absolute go-to digital partners and I can’t say enough about how much we value the partnership"

— Meg Leung, General Manager, MD Science/Swiss Navy Brands

"The ARSENL team has been a great partner to us for the past four years. They show true passion for the YMCA brand and are always available no matter when we call or what we need. Our best membership campaign results have come with ARSENL as a key digital advertising partner."

— Danene Jaffe, Senior Vice President, YMCA South Florida

"I’m thrilled with ARSENL’s work on Cayman Visitor and on our Wyndham property. We’re well-positioned to capitalize on the rebound in tourism traffic as the Caribbean reopens post-COVID. We love collaborating with the team and find their insights and ideas invaluable"

— Sharlene Brenkus, General Manager, Wyndham Cayman

"They’re a consistent, top-notch agency — they’re everything I hoped they would’ve been."

— Dr. Katelyn Stark, Marketing Specialist, iAnthus