Digital Media

The Science & Art To Digital Advertising

Maximum impact. Minimum cost. Our charge is to assess your business, your brand, your competition, your budget and your goals to create the online advertising schematic that lifts your expectation of what success looks like. How? Finding your place in the marketing funnel, molding online campaign tactics to your business, and dominating digital media planning and buying.

Marketing Funnel

ARSENL in-house media planners and buyers immerse themselves into your business' world to find that one opportunity where you can soar. Who is currently leading the industry? Where online does our audience lie? What are their interests? Where should our budget go? From full-funnel (awareness to action) campaigns to single-tactic programs, ARSENL media specialists' ironclad, proven advertising approach tackles:

  • Market research
  • Goal establishment
  • Platform investigation
  • Targeted audience investigation
  • Budget allocation
  • Manual bidding, direct buying, or programmatic buying.
  • Analytics

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