Casa Farive


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What drives alcohol marketing? A powerful blend of out-of-home and digital advertising - delivered locally.

Orvino Wine Imports distributes Casa Farive, a DOCG prosecco from ‘the’ prosecco region of Italy. And prosecco consumption is booming. For years, champagne consumers were trained to believe that sparkling wine was best quality if expensive, and best consumed on very special occasions. Not so with prosecco. At an average price point of around $14, prosecco is fast replacing cocktails as the drink of choice for Millennials who view any social time as a good time to celebrate.

But like any good business, there is a lot of competition and, in the prosecco space, a dominant player. Our task? Grab mind- and wallet share by leveraging the one benefit our product has over the competition - taste. It’s simply better. And to let consumers know it, we claimed the title with the slogan, Prosecco Perfection.

Our campaign elements hero’d the bottle to create visual brand recognition. And, we ran campaigns in high-opportunity zip codes throughout our Florida test market. The result? A huge increase in sales - over 300% in the first month of the campaign, and a bevy of new Casa Farive fans that are driving increased repeat sales as well.

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