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By intentionally buying real estate on high-traffic, relevant websites, your brand can now rise to top-of-mind for your users online. From a display ad on Women's Health to a retargeting ad on Instagram, your audience is moving through the funnel with a "Buy Now" button at their disposal. Efficient. Targeted. Scalable.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising automates media buying using algorithmic techniques. From traditional, manual methods to sophisticated, software- driven strategies, programmatic advertising is taking the industry head on. Programmatic advertising makes use of website traffic data while ensuring privacy and compliance are of utmost importance. And while the ARSENL team advocates for machine learning, automation, and Al, nothing beats the human element. ARSENL joins the forces of Al and daily monitoring and optimization across all programmatic tactics.

Video Ads

Casting votes for short videos vs long, wordy's a no brainer, video wins. Visual learners are becoming more and more prevalent, and the way we consume content is changing. That's why ARSENL's media team makes the best use of video content to buy strategic video ad inventory the same way display inventory is acquired and delivers compelling creative throughout the user's shopping journey for optimal click-thru-rates (CTRS).

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