Paid Social

Users Spend 3 Hours A Day On Social Media..

That's 3 hours of opportunity for your brand every day. As online shopping becomes faster, easier and more socially-centric, our paid social agency team of specialists utilize the different powers of each platform for results. By conducting market research while mastering your brand guidelines, we build on a creative concept to disrupt the social feed, capture attention, keep your brand top of mind, and deliver long- term, sustainable ROI.

Youtube Ads

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, second only to Google. Which is why we're experts in both. Harnessing the power of the Google Ad platform, YouTube advertising campaigns are set up to both prospect and retarget using:

  • Trueview ads
  • Non-skippable
  • Bumper in stream
  • Overlay ads
  • Display ads
Check out what we've done for two national brands. Invincible. NYB.


Influencers partnerships are a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement on social platforms. We manage influencer campaigns from top to bottom:

  • Establish an Influencer strategy based on brand objectives
  • Conduct outreach and recruitment of influencer
    • Includes contract writing/negotiations
  • Provide monthly influencer management:
    • Content planning
    • Content calendar
    • Coordinate campaign execution
  • Monthly report on KPI's
    • Evaluate post engagement metrics
    • Evaluate pre/post follower growth

TikTok Ads

Coming from an experienced TikTok agency, trust us, TikTok is not just for kids. 825 million adult users worldwide will tell you the same. In fact, within the past 18 months, the number of US adult platform users has grown 5.5 times. ARSENL tests the limits of content with paid approaches to TikTok, leveraging dynamic and product-driven videos through:

  • In-feed ads (image, video, Spark, Pangle)
  • Managed brand ads (TopView ads, Branded Hashtag, etc.)

Innovation and creativity is at the forefront of this platform, and our trend enthusiasts perfectly blaze the trails of your industry. Check out how we did this for a fast casual burger chain. TikTok was the perfect channel to capture the Gen Z and Millennial audience that frequents our burger client. With the objective of increasing brand awareness, we were able to reach the masses at a low cost to promote their tasty cheeseburgers. Not only was the CPM well below the platform average, CPCs were also 50% less than TikTok averages, effectively driving awareness at a low cost.

See our work for

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