Sweet Monkey Teas

Brand, packaging and marketing of a new line of specialty teas.

Creation and marketing of a brand new brand


Specialty teas is one of the fastest growing Food & Beverage categories in the U.S. ARSENL has helped create a brand new entry and is helping to launch the brand in key U.S. markets.

Playing on the product’s origins in the Andean region of Latin America, ARSENL created an irreverent brand name – Sweet Monkey – and a unique, die cut package design that lets consumers see the combination of dried fruits packaged with a fragrant herbal tea bag. ARSENL’s package design uses soft earth tones to highlight the natural product elements and the cardboard tent concept buys branding real estate for a product packed in clear cellophane. Additional packaging includes 12-unit secondary packaging and a POS display with 48 units. Digital includes an ecommerce website, all social media profiles, search optimization and online content. 

Project Details
  • Client : Sweet Monkey Teas
  • Category : Brand and package design, ecommerce
  • Website : sweetmonkeyteas.com
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