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2017 Search Trends

What Works for Organic Search in 2017 Wow, has this post been dogging me. I’ve been wanting to write about 2017 Search Marketing trends and the potential impact of Google changes since, oh, Christmas, but I just haven’t been able to connect brain to keyboard. And it finally dawned on me that the reason I’m … Continue reading “2017 Search Trends”

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Five Tips For Resort Hotel Marketing In Social Channels

Hospitality Marketing Lessons From The Front Lines. We’ve done our share of resort hotel marketing and given that our agency is based in Miami, Florida, a lot of it has been for hospitality properties in the Caribbean or Latin America. But no matter where your property is located, here are some general guidelines for making sure … Continue reading “Five Tips For Resort Hotel Marketing In Social Channels”

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Get Ready for the VR of Everything.

Wow. Spend some time researching the emerging virtual reality space and the quantity – and disparity of information will make your head spin. Nonetheless, if you’re a gamer, hardware manufacturer, coder, agency or brand, you’ve got to be paying attention to what the Wall Street Journal predicts will be a $80B business by 2025, with the possibility of an “accelerated uptake” to $182B during the same period.

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A Maturing Internet – Success In the Age of The Digital Titans.

Looking for digital marketing success? The answer lies with Google, Facebook and Amazon. The rulers and rules have been established. Now you have to play. Bloomberg calls it GoogBook. The European union calls it unfair. Yahoo calls it game over. Whatever you call it, The dominance of the Google, Facebook as Internet advertising juggernaughts, and of Amazon in the online retail sector, is becoming more pronounced.

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Snapchat Tools For Marketers

Snapchat is the fasted growing social media network and is quickly adding new advertising tools. Here’s a quick overview.

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